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Welcome to Spokane!

Hi! Welcome to Spokane! Whether you are just visiting or are considering moving to Spokane, I would like to say "Welcome"! I grew up in New Jersey, met my wife in Olympia, WA and together we have lived in Southern California and South Carolina before finally settling down here in Spokane, WA! We are profoundly blessed to have found this amazing corner of the world and are very excited to be able to raise our family here! My goal here is not to be a directory of all the things that Spokane has to offer, as there are already a good number of sites doing that. I do like to explore though and highlight the things that I have found, so as you discover cool, hidden secrets of Spokane, please share them and I will do the same! From great events like Hoopfest  (June 24-25) and Bloomsday  (May 7 this year) to nature trails and awesome parks , Spokane has an incredible amount of variety to offer for it's size. It truly feels like a small town, but offers so much