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"I'm Closing on my new home!!" (Wait, what does that mean!?)

If there is one part of any transaction that causes people the most stress and anxiety, I think it is the closing process. I want to break it down here a little bit and hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety before you even get there! Naturally, I need to disclaim a few things first. 1. Every transaction is different and every market is different, so, while this description is largely true for MOST transactions in Spokane, WA, your experience (especially if you are in a different market) may vary greatly. 2. I am not a closer, attorney, financial adviser, land surveyor, pest/mold/dog expert/etc,etc,etc - please, talk to your Realtor/Lender/Closer or relevant professional for your specific circumstances. If you need a good referral to any of those, give me a shout and I'll help you out! The below description is for general information purposes and is not meant to guide you through your transaction! So I had a question (I actually get this one a lot) that stood out to me and

STOP! Before you call the number on another yard sign, read this!!

Please share this with everyone you know, as it is probably the number one thing that MOST home buyers don't know and absolutely need to know! In fact, if there is one thing I wish I knew when I bought my first house (and second house) before I became a Realtor myself, it would be this ONE thing! In almost every situation, you, the Buyer, can be represented by ANY Realtor that you would like COMPLETELY FREE! And that Realtor can represent you in the purchase of almost ANY house in your market! I'm going to explain how and why this works and then I'm going to explain why it is extremely beneficial, almost crucial, for you to know this and take advantage of it. First, in order to understand how and why this works, you need to understand the mechanics of how Real Estate works in the current Real Estate world. (It wasn't always the way I'm about to describe, in fact it changed in the early 90's, so if you bought your last house in the 80's s