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Get a lender!!

Greetings! I am 'cranking up' the old blog and getting things started because I have waited way to long to start and in order to start, you have to start somewhere. So I thought it would be appropriate to start where I tell all my clients to start - with a lender! Why? - Good question, thank you in the back for asking! Let's paint a scenario. You come to me and your all excited about buying your first house! You have been surfing Zillow for about a year, you know how much you want your monthly payment to be and you have found the perfect house! What could possibly go wrong. (By the way, all the realtors in the room are cringing right now because everything in this scenario screams at them what will most likely go wrong, but we're going to get to a lot of that later, for now we are just dealing with the lender part of things) So you send me your listing (listing is a fancy Realtor word for "House that is listed in the local MLS [MLS is "Multiple Listi