About Me

Hi there!

I really don't like writing about myself. But, I also feel like writing about myself in the third person as though someone else is saying nice things about me is a bit (or maybe more than a bit) fake.

I also know that before I choose a professional, I look them up on the internet so that I can find out a little bit more about them before choosing them, so it is only fair that you are here, reading about me. To be honest, I even feel like having a page labeled "About Me" is a bit tired and cliche, but here we are.

I am 37. (At least at the time that I am writing this... I apologize if it's not updated. I was born in December of '79, so you can check up on me and send me an angry email if this information is not up to date:-) I have been married to my beautiful wife Melissa since 2003 and we have two precious boys that are 6 and 4.

I live in Spokane and I sell real estate. I sell real estate because I love real estate, love people (usually) and I love learning and teaching. Real estate is always changing and no two transactions are the same. I love the entire process and I love walking through the process with the people that I guide through transactions. Most of all, I love seeing a deal come together and witnessing the moment that a new phase of someone's life begins!

As I mentioned, I love the education process. I love to work through a new concept, find resources to get answers to questions I don't already know and I love passing that information along to someone else. To that end, I intend to develop this blog into a place for learning about real estate. Specifically, for this blog, real estate in Spokane, WA. I make that distinction because while there are a lot of things about real estate that apply equally everywhere, there are a lot of things that do not. If you're real estate needs are not in Spokane, WA, the things I mention in this blog may not apply to you. Even if you are in Spokane, please make sure you consult a real estate professional regarding your individual needs and questions.

(This is the first of what will be many disclaimers! Because you are dealing with legal issues and legally binding transactions - and big ones at that, it is important that you have a professional guiding you in your individual situation and not rely on a story that I told you about a specific situation. By the way, if you need a real estate professional, I would love to help you find one in your area! If you are in Spokane, I would love to meet you and see if we would be a match!)

Thanks for stopping by and please leave any questions or comments. I love questions! I love questions that stump me because it gives me a chance to learn something new. I love questions that I know the answer to because answering them allows me to pass on knowledge (and look smart in the process!)


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